Highway Upgrades for the Northern Territory Government

Intrax Land Western Australia is pleased to be engaged in the Gravel and Materials Geotechnical Investigation for Shoulder Upgrades on Various Highways in the Northern Territory.

Intrax have been engaged to conduct test pit excavations at extraction areas provided by the client to assess the materials suitability for use in the proposed existing highway shoulder upgrades. Samples tested will be reviewed by Intrax to determine if they comply with the current Northern Territory Government Road Department specification for pavement materials.

Intrax will also comment on marginal areas and possible treatment methods i.e., stabilisation / mixing and blending for materials not complying with the specification. Intrax are also responsible for subcontractor engagement and management and liaising with key stakeholders and associated third party land access.

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Project Details

    Various regions, Northern Territory


    Northern Territory Government (Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics)