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The Intrax team works every day to Inspire our people and our clients to Grow and Create


Our Story

We have come a long way, discover what drives us and why we are here.

Since our formation in 2003 as a family-owned Victorian business, we have grown exponentially to become a national firm, covering a wide span of industries on small, medium and large projects across housing, projects and land sectors.

The hallmark of our journey has been to bring the same leadership and entrepreneurial attitude to this initiative which has been the hallmark of the company since its formation in 2003. We have grown because we have built strong relationships, and because we work across Australia as an agile and nimble organisation.

As a learning organisation, we’re comfortable being the risk takers in all elements of our work. We strive to embed ourselves within our clients’ world, seeing success as a symbiotic process. Through this innate relationship, we readily adapt to the complexities of each project, viewing each task as a purpose-driven operation.

Intrax Housing A

At Intrax Housing, we come to work to inspire volume builders to confidently construct more innovative and affordable homes for Australian families

The story of Intrax Housing, in some ways, mirrors that of Australia’s growth over the last two decades. New home building has helped propel Australia’s economy ahead at record rates. The reasons are clear and unambiguous. Building a new home has a multiplier economic effect not seen in other industries. The role that Intrax plays in this environment is critical. We understand the pressures that New Home Builders face in an extremely competitive market.

Over the last two decades, Intrax has focused a vast amount of its energy and skills on creating a market-leading Volume Builder service. What sets us apart though, is the human value of long-standing relationships, both inside our company and with the clients we have enjoyed working with since 2003. We are proud of the part we play in helping get more Australians into their own homes by creating an atmosphere of proven confidence between our clients and us.


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At Intrax Projects, we come to work because we are excited to inspire our project partners to create a sustainable future of infrastructure and the built environment, for Australian communities.

Within the last decade, Intrax story has grown to include the creation of a purpose-built service for higher-end design projects. The now established group Intrax Projects focuses on the holistic and innovative engineering design solutions for large scale projects. From commercial and high-rise buildings to the education and government sectors, we coordinate across engineering disciplines for each project.

By their very nature, these projects can be more intricate and complicated thereby requiring optimal engineering solutions. The challenges being presented to Intrax in this space are exciting and expect us to push the boundaries of what is possible. The significance of forming this group is directly tied to our ability to fulfil visions through competence, technology and collaboration when completing all projects.

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Intrax Land comprises a diverse team of specialised surveyors, engineers and consultants to bring trustworthy and holistic advice to the building and land development industry, enhancing land value for the benefit of Australian communities.


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Intrax Housing A

Our experienced, multi-skilled engineers are experts in the independent assessment of structural failures and building integrity.