About Us

Our Vision, Mission and Values don't describe us. They define us.


Values Driven, People Oriented

Everything we say and do is driven by these principles. We believe they embody our approach and path to continued success and as such Intrax takes pride in its people who live by these ideals every day.



Intrax aims to be the leader in the provision of engineering and consulting services for the building industry throughout Australia, with a difference.



We strive to deliver value to our customers through creative, timely solutions and inspire our employees to grow and create.


We lead the industry, We lead our people
We constantly look for new ways to help our clients, our business and the community
We respect our people, our clients, our suppliers and the community
We deliver on our commitments

Intrax strives to create an environment where our team can grow and prosper and in doing so deliver a service to our clients that is second to none.

Who we are


Intrax is an end-to-end supplier of engineering, surveying, and geotechnical services to the building and land development industries. Founded in Victoria in 2003, we have grown rapidly into a large-sized engineering consultancy employing over 300 people across Australia and China.


It is our view that individual engineering disciplines are not isolated services but can and do contribute positively and collectively to a project as a whole. The core Intrax ethos since our inception has been to ensure that we offer a full, end-to-end range of services to the markets that we serve. Our fundamental belief is that by reducing the number of parties a client has to work with on a project, we can optimise design outcomes, improve coordination, minimise delays, and ultimately provide a better end product at a lower cost. With this in mind, our teams are configured to knowledge share and collaborate as required to meet our clients’ needs. The result of this approach is that clients reap maximum benefit from a team that can consider the project as a whole, and provide the optimum response solution.


Our Head Office is located in Melbourne CBD with further offices located throughout Australia and China, all serving our growing client list of leading residential builders, industrial and commercial development companies, government and urban land authorities, developers, and architects.


As we have expanded we have also thoroughly invested in the business to ensure we can both support and maintain growth. The transition to end-to-end cloud based enterprise systems and digitization of fieldwork allows us to scale easily, offer more flexible working conditions for our staff, as well as improve turnaround times and communication, all to the benefit of the customer. Our staff also receive support for training, development, and further education, as well as multiple pathways for development across the business’ engineering disciplines; a concept that is also at the heart of our graduate rotation program.


At Intrax, our corporate structure is designed to actively empower employees to make decisions and take the initiative to solve problems. We are driven to succeed and believe the path to this lies in developing long term relationships with clients.