Harnessing the power of modern technology, along with our commitment to achieving unsurpassed outcomes for our clients, to bring you cost effective surveying solutions in Australia

Surveying 1.1

Informed Choices, Supported by Reliable Surveying

Project decisions must be based on profound levels of knowledge and understanding. To support this, we provide a full and thorough surveying service, combining analytic expertise and state of the art modelling techniques.

A project cannot afford to be derailed by a misstep or mistake. Our drafters, registered surveyors, licensed cadastral surveyors, and all other members of our team work to deliver the insight you need. Get the right data, make the right choice, and stay on track.

Experience Enhanced by Technology

In a highly technical field, agility and technological savvy are required. Our teams have years of industry experience to draw upon, but remain on the leading edge of the market in terms of methods, means and technology used.

This is why you can rely upon us to precisely map and geolocate assets onsite, as well as to provide full service surveying solutions to your project.

Surveying 2.1
Surveying 3.1

The Utmost Precision in a Remarkable Time Frame

Our full service, end-to-end focus means that our clients can depend on Intrax as we deliver a complete and precise package in incredible time frames. A combination of speed, precision, innovation and professionalism has led to us becoming known as one of the most respected asset recording, asset management and surveying solutions providers in Australia.

Our Capability

Our team of Surveyors can deliver accurate, reliable and clear solutions for a vast number of projects across Australia and within many sectors.  Intrax Surveying expertise includes but is not limited to:


Our Expertise

  • Title Re-Establishment and Identification Survey
  • Feature and Level Surveys
  • Cadastral Surveying Consultancy
  • Licenced Surveyors
  • Building & Land Subdivisions Surveys
  • Construction Surveying
  • Infrastructure & Engineering Surveys
  • Existing Conditions Surveying
  • Asset Recording


  • Transportation
  • Residential & Land Development
  • Hi-Rise & Commercial
  • Utilities & Infrastructure
  • Defence
  • Mining Open-Cut/Surface
  • Environment and Conservation

Intrax has a culture of leadership, innovation, respect, performance and understanding.



Intrax has a culture of leadership, innovation, respect, performance and understanding.