• Respect

    We respect our people, our clients, our suppliers and the community
    Hindmarsh Corporate Centre
    Credit: K20 Architecture
  • Innovation

    We constantly look for new ways to help our clients and the community
    The William
    Credit: Intrax Consulting Engineers
  • Performance

    We deliver on our commitments
  • Leadership

    We lead the industry, we lead our people
    Mosaic Apartments

Intrax provide a comprehensive, end-to-end engineering service including: Structural, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Surveying, and Geotechnical engineering. Our Building and Land Division clients are some of Australia's largest builders and our Volume Housing clients include Australia's premier Architects. We can help your project at any size and any phase.

Our Expertise

We guarantee to provide an optimised, end to end quality assured solution that mitigates risk and meets our clients’ objectives


Efficiency and innovation: the importance of end-to-end engineering solutions
Renato Gonzalez
Doing what's right
Renato Gonzalez
Intrax Graduate Program 2018
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