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Generating demonstrable economic and strategic value by solving a range of technical and organisational problems

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Solutions with Strategic Value

The civil engineering solutions which Intrax provides are geared towards complex projects with a range of different requirements. This is why understanding is key, and is a vital factor in the unfolding relationship that we develop with our clients.

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True End-to-End Service

Intrax provides a complete end-to-end service offering, which ensures that all of your engineering needs are satisfied, as well as a wide range of other considerations. These include, estimates on construction costs, on development fees payable to local councils and government bodies, as well as payments due to other organisations in conjunction with the project.

This enables us to achieve a supreme vantage point over the project, overseeing the design and construction of utility requirements and other functional components. From this position, we can also apply our experience and advise on contractor capabilities and deployment.

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Project Management and Construction Supervision

By deploying a watertight strategy, we can reduce costs and delay by minimising the rework required on the project. With this framework in place, Intrax can begin guiding and managing aspects of the project to secure the desired outcomes within acceptable timeframes and budgetary constraints.

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In completing a civil engineering project, Intrax draws upon the myriad skill and experience of its various departments, bringing these departments together to form a cohesive whole. Together, these departments take care of planning, organisation, resource management, and a comprehensive range of other project components with the same professional attitude and high level of confidence.

 We Offer

  • Conceptual Stage Planning
  • Lot Yield/ Development Planning
  • Supporting Civil Plans and Documentation for Planning Applications
  • Civil Construction Plans and Documentation
  • Construction Administration
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