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Geotechnical 1.1

Holistic Approach to Geotechnical Engineering Challenges

At Intrax Consulting Engineers, we are committed to redefining what is possible and blurring the line between probable and improbable. The evidence for this can be found in our past successes.

Where there is an ambitious project, where there are complex ground conditions, where only innovative solutions will make the grade, Intrax come through to achieve success. This success is secured through a combination of the preparation, the design and the implementation of ground engineering techniques.

Managing Ground Risk

Intrax works only with the latest and most superior technology in the field, and supports this with sophisticated software solutions back at the office. This facilitates a highly precise and reliable service, delivered using state of the art geotechnical analysis techniques.

This helps us to minimise risk, all but eliminating wasted time and money through better planning, design, and construction.

Structural 2.1
Geotechnical 3.1

Geographical Information System Technology (GIS)

All of Intrax’s projects utilise GIS technology, which integrates fields of data to deliver a better understanding of the project as a whole. Everything, from identifying geological risks and hazards, through planning and tracking field work, to generating detail project maps, is supported by this technology.

Our Capability

Our team of Surveyors can deliver accurate, reliable and clear solutions for a vast number of projects across Australia and within many sectors.  Intrax Surveying expertise includes but is not limited to:


See our Laboratory Capability

Intrax Laboratory

Our Expertise

  • Title Re-Establishment and Identification Survey
  • Feature and Level Surveys
  • Cadastral Surveying Consultancy
  • Licenced Surveyors
  • Building & Land Subdivisions Surveys
  • Construction Surveying
  • Infrastructure & Engineering Surveys
  • Existing Conditions Surveying
  • Asset Recording


  • Transportation
  • Residential & Land Development
  • Hi-Rise & Commercial
  • Utilities & Infrastructure
  • Defence
  • Mining Open-Cut/Surface
  • Environment and Conservation

Intrax has a culture of leadership, innovation, respect, performance and understanding.



Intrax has a culture of leadership, innovation, respect, performance and understanding.