Intrax Housing

Deploying multidisciplinary teams to provide holistic solutions, share insights, and putting diverse skillsets into action.

Inspiring Volume Builders to confidently build more innovative and affordable homes for Australian families.


Engineering and survey for housing. On time, with packages from complex down to high volume.

Our system is built for fast turnaround, cost-effective volume housing. Yet we also have teams who can design complex, luxury housing options for architecturally designed custom dwellings.

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An all-in-one provider of engineering and survey services for housing in VIC, NSW, QLD, & SA

Our work incorporates cutting-edge practices, backed by ISO 9000 certified system to give you reliable results every time. From structural to civil to survey to geotechnical, Intrax have you covered for housing.

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We innovate engineering systems. For cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

We have generated designs for literally tens of thousands of homes. When we say we know the requirements for your project, in your state, we mean it. We have honed our methods, and certified our processes to assure even the largest builders in the country that Intrax will deliver.

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Intrax has a culture of leadership, innovation, respect, performance and understanding.

Intrax has a culture of leadership, innovation, respect and performance.