Land Development

Understanding the constraints, opportunities, and economic drivers for every project,
and knowing how to work with them to achieve the right outcomes for our clients

True Understanding

Comprehensive land development services can only be based upon insight and understanding. This is why we work closely with our clients in order to recognise exactly what they want to accomplish.
We then apply our own expertise and analysis to this insight in a way which effectively secures the aims of the client in a cost-effective, safe, and efficient manner.

Resourcefulness and Innovative Thinking

Each project has its own constraints, opportunities, economic drivers, and areas of consideration. Working with these, we can derive the ideal means of reaching and surpassing client objectives by applying resourcefulness and innovative thinking in overcoming obstacles and achieving impressive turnaround times.


Leverage Experience on Every Project

Intrax’s consultants can draw upon a broad range of experience. This means, when Intrax provide consultancy on land development projects, this is delivered as one part of a full and comprehensive service which begins with the flourishing of a dream and ends with its glorious realisation

Forward Thinking Practical Solutions

Understanding through open dialogues with all stakeholders. A thorough and complete approach at every stage of the project. The combination of an innovative spirit with empirical expertise to create something unique yet still practical and functional. These are the advantages we provide to clients.

At Intrax Consulting Engineers, we are committed to redefining what is possible and blurring the line between probable and improbable. The evidence for this can be found in our past successes.
Harnessing the power of modern technology, along with our commitment to achieving unsurpassed outcomes for our clients, Intrax brings cost-effective surveying solutions for your project.
A civil engineering project is a journey. At Intrax, we understand the complete nature of this cycle and provide support and expert solutions at each and every stage.
Structural Engineering
Achieving best construction cost whilst maintaining the original designer’s vision is a core focus for Intrax. To achieve this, we rely on close cooperation between our Structural and Geotechnical teams as the key to achieving fully optimal designs.

Land Development