Surveying Technology at Intrax


Technology is the driving force of innovation within the surveying profession. That’s why Intrax utilises only the latest technology to service our clients across the housing industry, construction, land development and more. Watch how Intrax continues to pioneer surveying innovations, and become part of our movement, today.

What does our National Survey Manager Rodney Olsen have to say about survey technology at Intrax?

“Technology plays a large part in what surveying does, yes. And surveyors at Intrax adapt quickly to technology. We’ve got the latest of surveying technology, we’ve got the latest drones… the latest total stations. We can deliver point clouds and Revit modelling to service your needs.”

“We’re constantly looking and pushing the boundaries to deliver inspiring products to our client. No one is using scanning technology to deliver to the housing market. Intrax is pioneering … scanning capabilities for housing, to provide three-dimensional graphical representation of housing projects. So, investors can see what they are buying in a virtual headset before the even get to site.”

Find out more about what Intrax Land has to offer, and see why a surveying career a Intrax might be right for you.

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20 April 2021


Innovation, Technical Articles