NATA Accreditation Extended

We are pleased to announce that Intrax Laboratory has successfully expanded its NATA accreditation to cover compaction control tests, this expansion is part of laboratory stage 2 development which was commenced from July this year.

These new additions to our NATA scope will permit Intrax Laboratory to provide compaction and earthwork testing to our potential clients by sampling, testing and issuance of NATA endorsed reports. Further Intrax Laboratory can now serve as the Geotechnical Inspection and testing Authority (GITA) or Geotechnical Testing Authority (GTA) for Level 1 and level 2 respectively for earthworks for residential/ commercial developments. The laboratory is currently located in Deer Park office.

Below are the exact additions to our current scope of work in terms of NATA accredited test procedures.

  • Standard compaction – AS1289 5.1.1
  • Modified compaction – AS1289 5.2.1
  • Hilf density ratio and moisture variation – AS1289 5.7.1
  • Field density using portable Nuclear Gauge – AS1289.5.8.1
  • Compaction control test (density ratio, moisture variation and moisture ratio) – AS1289 5.4.1
  • California Bearing Ratio – AS1289 6.1.1

These compaction control tests will provide assurance to our clients that the material used, and compaction methods undertaken by the contractors meet the engineering specifications in terms of minimum relative compaction and compliance within specified moisture variation. Being GITA/GTA, the laboratory will be providing its services to ensure the fill placement complies with AS3798.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Further, the new accredited test procedures, standard/modified compaction and California Bearing Ratio tests will allow the Laboratory to undertake laboratory tests in-house for subgrade bearing strength assessments for roads and pavements which we serve to Intrax Geo-team, external consultants and other non-accredited Laboratories and consultants.

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22 February 2019


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