Intrax brand gets a makeover

Intrax Consulting Group announces corporate rebranding; introduces INTRAX HOUSING and INTRAX PROJECTS

Melbourne, 2nd of April 2019 – Intrax Consulting Engineers gets a makeover from its original 2003 name and design. The world has experienced a tremendous amount of change in the last 16 years; the likes of Gmail, Facebook, iPhone, and the “Cloud” didn’t exist.

The world has evolved, and so to must Intrax, breaking traditional barriers and establishing ourselves as the visionary leader in the industry. This evolution is reflected in our new business name which better represents what we do, Intrax is a group of consultants, engineers, surveyors, and designers and as such we have changed our business name to INTRAX CONSULTING GROUP. This change is also reflected in our new brand mark, which has been redesigned to provide a fresh and vibrant representation of the fact that we are a multi-discipline service provider.

We have always serviced two key parts of the market, but in order to better represent what we do,  we have also created a specific brand for each of these two specific markets- Intrax Housing for the Volume Builder segment and Intrax Projects for our project related work in apartments, commercial, industrial and land development areas.

Our purpose as the Intrax Housing brand is to inspire volume builders to confidently construct more innovative and affordable homes for Australian families. Through Intrax Projects, we seek to inspire our project partners to create a sustainable infrastructure and built environment future for Australian communities.

These promises we make to our clients is directly tied to our ability to fulfil our commitments through competence, innovation, technology and collaboration when delivering our services.

Who we are as a company is depicted in our logo, which represents how all our services are interconnected in a way that illustrates our innate ability to solve problems from all possible directions without restrictions, always placing us in active motion. Consultancy is continually evolving, and Intrax plans to continue to lead the way.


About Intrax Consulting Group

Intrax is an end-to-end supplier of consulting services for the residential, building and land development industries. Founded in Victoria in 2003, Intrax has grown rapidly into a large-sized consultancy employing over 320 people across Australia, China and Indonesia.  Intrax reduces the number of parties a client has to work with on a project, optimising designs, improving coordination, minimising delays, and ultimately providing a better outcome at a lower cost. For more information, please visit

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2 April 2019