Surveying & Asset Recording

Surveying in Queensland
Credit: Intrax Consulting Engineers

Surveying & Asset Recording

Cost effective surveying solutions through the use of modern technology and a commitment to continued professional development of our team

Surveying services involve precisely and accurately locating, positioning and mapping terrestrial sites. Bringing together experienced and innovative drafters and surveyors, Intrax Surveying makes no compromises in utilising the most advanced methods and robotic equipment available to survey sites.

Asset recording and monitoring services involve locating and recording specific site information for future use where the physical circumstances of a site may change or to facilitate management of physical resources on a site. Coupling years of industry experience with a focus on the best technology and techniques, Intrax is relied on daily to precisely map and geolocate assets on a site as well as provide full feature survey services prior. End to end focus means that clients can rely on Intrax to deliver a polished, precise package in remarkable timeframes. This emphasis on precision outcomes has led to Intrax becoming one of the most respected names in the Asset Recording and Management industry.

  • Feature and Level Surveys
  • Australian Height Datum (AHD) Level Connections
  • Subdivisions
  • Title Re-Establishment and Identification Survey
  • Cadastral Surveying Services
  • As constructed survey of underground services and assets
  • Property Services Information (PSI)
  • As constructed (as built) information and plans for:
  • Asset mapping and recording services
  • Infrastructure survey
  • Cadastral surveying
Surveying services are not available from our South Australia office at present.