• Metricon Homes
    We have been dealing with Intrax Consulting Engineers, of 35 Bank Street South Melbourne, for the past 8 years.

    During this period they have been our preferred geotechnical engineering provider for the Regional West area, and for the last 4 years, our preferred provider for all engineering services. More recently Intrax has been awarded the large contract to provide the same service to our Melbourne area.

    In the time that I have worked with them, they have proven to be diligent and reliable with sound technical skills, always willing to listen and address the inevitable issues that arise in the day to day running of our business.

    We have enjoyed working with Intrax and have no hesitation in recommending them as a supplier.
    Simon Taylor
    Operational Manager - Regional West
  • Hermitage Homes
    We at Hermitage Homes have been using the services of Intrax Consulting Engineers for our residential homes for just over 12 months. During this time they have completed slab engineering designs, soil reports and site surveys for our company.

    We have found all Intrax employees to be very customer service focused ensuring agreed deadlines and requirements are met and to the highest standards.

    Intrax Consulting Engineers have been very proactive in assisting us with our needs especially in relation to new building codes, ensuring we are fully prepared prior to the implementation of any new regulations.

    Throughout my personal dealings with Intrax, I have found them to be very professional and eager to assist new clients wherever possible, providing one on one training for new employees and regularly assisting us to improve our processes and time frames.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Intrax Consulting Engineers.
    Barb Dooley
    Internal Operations Manager
  • Point Architects
    Point Architects has worked with Intrax Consulting Engineers on many projects. The most valued element of our relationship is the ability of Intrax Engineers to work closely with us to develop cost effective structural designs which are compatible with our creative design process. On many occasions Intrax have made recommendations to us which have enhanced the design concept of a project.
    Edgar Gretch
  • Burbank
    I have had to engage Intrax to provide alternative slab designs as I have had slabs designed by other engineers that are over the top with reinforcement, slab heights have been increased to larger pods & slabs being fully piered where not required.
    Intrax were then engaged to do another soil test & engineering design & upon review of both sets of engineering, we saved our client over $15,000.
    Great team, fantastic service & always provide best solutions.
    Jonathan Brown
    Regional Operations Manager
  • Corplex
    Corplex is an Industrial and Commercial Building and Development company. We engage Intrax Consulting Engineers for our structural, civil, and geotechnical services. We do so because Intrax understands our needs. They work closely with us to resolve issues early in the design stage which minimises the complexity of construction once on site. Intrax Consulting Engineers are responsive, and deliver our work on time. We consider Intrax an essential partner in our business.
    Stephen Camerlengo & Dominic Cullia
  • Katana Foundations Australia
    Katana Foundations has had a working relationship with Intrax Consulting Engineers for approximately 4 years. Over this time, we have worked together on many industry changing design strategies for residential concrete slab systems, with very positive results.
    The Directors of the company and all of their technical and support staff are incredibly helpful and carry out every request with the utmost efficiency and professionalism.

    In our line of work, we rely heavily on the expertise of structural engineers and Intrax are generally our first port of call whenever there is a challenging situation. They have the skills, knowledge and pragmatism to deal with these issues to get a favourable resolution.
    Their day to day service offering for soil testing, design and after-sales service are exceptional, and

    I have no hesitation in recommending their services.
    Jim Prior
    Managing Director
  • Holbrook Homes
    We have teamed up with Intrax Consulting Engineers to ensure that we have the best quality surveying, reports and slab engineering in the market.
  • Metricon Homes
    My role within Metricon Homes as a Stage 1 Site Manager, is to ensure the correct placement of both structural steel, services and dimensions of the concrete waffle pod slabs, within the Metro Central Southern area of knock/down rebuilds and Dual Occupancy sites.

    At times during my pre/post pour stages of the slab installation process, I encounter situations that require the involvement of the Intrax Construction Services Team.

    I find that when my requests are sent to the Team, my engineering requirements are met with the speed and efficiency to which I require, to maintain the continuous build process, as per the Metricon Homes works scheduling timelines.

    I also find that the Team involved has a strong understanding of what is discussed with them, both over the phone and via email, to come up with the most efficient solution for the problem onsite.
    Andrew Thomas
    Stage 1 Site Manager
  • Hermitage Homes
    The two most significant improvements that have resulted from working with Intrax have been using Intrax new map database all the time for our initial Site Cost pricing and the Fantastic Customer service.

    Intrax has gone out of their way to explain to our Customer Service team, why/how things happen to help improve their knowledge.
    As a result of this, we are able to communicate more effectively to our clients and trades as we understand the process better.

    Chris Vallence
    Sales Estimator / Purchasing Officer
  • Simonds Homes
    As someone that deals with the Residential engineering department on a daily basis, I find Intrax Consulting Engineers ordering process easy to follow, which makes it time efficient for both Intrax and the client. The order request form and information required to proceed with Full Engineering are minimal and also easily accessible.

    Being able to track the progress on your job via their website is another great feature Intrax have added recently. With Full engineering turned around within 3 business days, it helps our business timeframes and allows Simonds to provide accurate site costs very early in the design process.

    Once the information is received any questions you have, engineers are only a phone call or email away and are very easy to get hold of to discuss further options that suit our needs.

    Intrax drawings are very clear and professional which allows our contractors to provide accurate quotes and quicker turnaround times.
    Matt Wilson