Research, Partnerships & CSR


Research, Partnerships & CSR

With dedicated internal R&D teams as well as research partnerships with academic institutions, we are committed to improving the way we work
R&D Teams

As part of our commitment to constant improvement, we have dedicated in house R&D teams, in addition to regular innovation workshops where all engineers are invited to discuss ideas and methodologies. Our R&D teams work closely with clients and engineers to provide new solutions for a wide range of construction and engineering issues.

External Partnerships

Intrax is currently in a research partnership with RMIT University. At Intrax, we want to maintain our reputation as an innovator and leader in the engineering community. Research Partnerships ensure that communities continue to develop and innovate. The research is focused on identifying better methods for determining and engineering for soils with abnormal moisture content. As part of the deal, Intrax is sponsoring a PhD student to conduct the research.

National Geotechnical Manager Scott Emmett will lead the Intrax team working closely with RMIT to produce valuable insights into a presently under researched area.

Intrax’s partnership with RMIT means that we, as an engineering community, will find new and improved ways to make the engineering process more efficient and help it move forward into the future.

We are actively partnering with other academic bodies and our engineers regularly offer their services as guest lecturers.



Corporate Social Responsibility

At Intrax, one of the core values that we pride ourselves on is Respect. We believe that as a corporate citizen, we have a responsibility to give back to the community. Corporate social responsibility underpins the way we operate, so that we can treat clients, employees and the community with respect. Employees are encouraged to participate in events like Movember and the Australian corporate games. To help them do this, each employee is given a whole day at full pay to volunteer for charity.  Intrax is also involved with several community groups to make sure we uphold the value of Respect, as well as maintain our goal to be an organisation devoted to learning.


Ardoch Foundation

Intrax has paired with the Ardoch Foundation to participate in a numeracy buddy program for primary school students. The program involves matching a class of maths students with a group of corporate volunteers. They interact through blogs, on topics that can range from questions about homework to information on maths related careers. Recently, The Students of Mother of God Primary School came to visit our South Melbourne office. Each child is paired with an Intrax Engineer who helps them develop their maths skills.