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We guarantee value by delivering an end-to-end, optimised and scalable solution.

A True End-To-End Service.

Intrax specialises in working with clients to fully realise their vision for each home and consistently innovate to improve service.

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Intrax achieves this by providing a true end-to-end, one stop shop for all services required in the process of design and construction of a dwelling.

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We are proud of the part we play in helping get more Australians into their own homes by creating an atmosphere of proven confidence between us and our clients.
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What sets us apart though, is the human value of long-standing relationships, both inside our company and with our clients.
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An all-in-one provider of engineering and survey services for housing in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA & WA

Our work incorporates cutting-edge practices, backed by ISO 9000 certified system to give you reliable results every time. From structural to civil to survey to geotechnical, Intrax have you covered for housing. Deploying multidisciplinary teams to provide holistic solutions, share insights, and putting diverse skillsets into action. Inspiring builders to confidently build more innovative and affordable homes for Australian families.

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