2022 Surveying Consultancy Excellence Awards Winners – National Category

In June of this year, Intrax won a Surveying Consultancy Excellence Award from Consulting Surveyors National in the National category! Intrax was eligible for this due to having greater than 50 employees (500+), whilst possessing substantial offices and staff levels in at least two states/territories (five states!).

Winners of this prestigious award have been consultancies achieving the highest level of excellence in the delivery of surveying services to communities across Australia, as well as those who have shown an outstanding commitment to business vitality and culture, business accreditation, staff development, community involvement, support for young professionals, and the professional image of surveying. Intrax is proud to fit this criteria.

The award criteria we excelled at:

  • Our commitment to staff training and development
  • Our commitment to workplace health and safety
  • The quality of our affiliations in the industry
  • Our initiatives regarding young and emerging professionals in the surveying industry
  • How we tackled business challenges during a pandemic

Why we’re the best to work for

We are proud to provide a place where our surveying professionals can build their careers in an environment where they feel safe, valued and respected. Intrax is a values-driven organisation with a culture of leadership, innovation, respect, performance and understanding. Intrax is a workplace where we encourage thoughtful disagreement, where we challenge our staff to take calculated risks and to learn from their mistakes; this allows a culture of innovation and high performance that has enabled us to multiply (from 150 to 500 employees in the last 5 years) as a company. Consequently, it has allowed us to provide growth paths for our staff too.

Special Thanks to…

Consulting Surveyors National for this opportunity and the ongoing recognition and support!

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20 July 2022


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