Our experienced, multi-skilled engineers are experts in the
independent assessment of structural failures and
building integrity.


Forensic Engineering Services

Servicing a large range of sectors in residential, commercial and industrial developments, Intrax Forensic have structured offerings for each segment providing highly qualified general and specific advice and reports.

Placing great importance on highly personalised service, Intrax Forensic provides detailed investigations and reports. Expert assessment services and personal consultations deliver specialised, comprehensive reports.

Forensic Engineering Services are focused on post-construction issues requiring expert advice and remediation. In conjunction with our other engineering disciplines, Intrax is able to offer a comprehensive suite of reports, advice, and expert testimony.

Investigation and Reporting for Distressed Buildings

In instances of structural failure or distress due to impact, excessive loading, under-design, site conditions, or other factors, Intrax can be called in to provide expert analysis and recommendations.

Dispute Resolution

Our Forensic engineers can be called into disputes between builders and occupiers in regards to poor workmanship on the builder’s behalf or poor maintenance on the occupier’s behalf.

Backed by years of experience and consultation with internal divisions such as Geotechnical, our engineers use the latest technology to deliver a timely, concise report including causes, observations, conclusions and remediation recommendations.

Fire, Storm, and Flood Damage Reports

Where a structure has been damaged by a natural disaster (ex. earthquake, flooding) or by fire the Forensic division can be called in to assess the extent of damage to a structure and provide recommendations for future action.

Building Maintenance Advice

Whether taking a verbal or written form, sometimes as part of a dilapidation report, our building advice is centered on providing clear answers to localised issues usually caused by a single problem. Additionally, this type of advice may be called upon when prevention advice is required.

Soil and Lab Testing

Drawing on the experience of our Geotechnical department, Intrax can offer a full suite of complementing soil and lab testing services to determine ground conditions of a site and reactivity of soils. Lab testing such as Moisture Contents Testing can be called on to support precise findings and recommendations.

More Services

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Intrax has a culture of leadership, innovation, respect, performance and understanding.

Intrax has a culture of leadership, innovation, respect and performance.