Forensic & Construction Services

Slab Pour on Site
Credit: Intrax Consulting Engineers

Forensic & Construction Services

Our experienced, multi-skilled engineers are experts in the independent assessment of structural failures and building integrity.

Servicing a large range of sectors in residential, commercial and industrial developments, Intrax Forensic have structured offerings for each segment providing highly qualified general and specific advice and reports.

Comprising of two key divisions focusing on during construction and post-construction respectively, our engineers place great importance on providing a highly personalised service to create complete clarity on any difficulties or disputes arising from a construction project.

Placing great importance on highly personalised service, Intrax Forensic provides detailed investigations and reports. Expert assessment services and personal consultations deliver specialised, comprehensive reports.

Construction Stage Services

Our construction stage services arm focuses on providing expert engineering advice before and during construction. These services provide clarification for any uncertainties and clear direction for any difficulties arising during construction stage.

  • Undermining Issues
  • Underpinning Details
  • Tree Root Barriers
  • Pre-Slab Inspection
  • Concrete Investigations Including Coring and Compressive Strength Testing
  • Rectification Details for Concrete Slabs and Framing Issues
  • Plumbing Issues Requiring Pipe Penetration Details
  • External Paving Designs
  • Drainage Designs and Advice
  • General Building Advice
  • Footing Probes
  • Feasibility Assessments

Forensic Engineering Services

Forensic Engineering Services are focused on post construction issues requiring expert advice and remediation. In conjunction with our other engineering disciplines, Intrax are able to offer a comprehensive suite of reports, advice, and expert testimony.

  • Investigation and Reporting for Distressed Buildings
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Expert Testimony, VCAT, and Legal/Insurance Reports
  • Dilapidation Reports
  • Defects Reports
  • Building Maintenance Plans
  • Fire, Storm, and Flood Damage Reports
  • Floor Level Surveys
  • Building Maintenance Advice
  • Footing Probes
  • Soil and Lab Testing