Our Expertise

Intrax provide a comprehensive, end-to-end engineering
service including: Structural, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical,
Hydraulic, Surveying, and Geotechnical engineering.

Empire Apartments


Comprising highly skilled and experienced engineers and geologists our Geotechnical team provide a rapid response, solution focused service.

Seeking to innovate in service provision has seen Intrax Geotechnical drive the industry standards for competency, efficiency and customer value. Utilising cutting edge technology in the field, backed by sophisticated software solutions in office, jobs can be managed electronically, increasing precision and achieving first-class turnaround times.

Surveying & Asset Recording

Surveying services involve precisely and accurately locating, positioning and mapping terrestrial sites. Bringing together experienced and innovative drafters and surveyors, Intrax Surveying makes no compromises in utilising the most advanced methods and robotic equipment available to survey sites.

Intrax is relied on daily to precisely map and geolocate assets on a site as well as provide full feature survey services prior.

Civil Engineering

Intrax Civil is responsible for a wide range of projects right across Australia’s cities and regional centres.

Civil engineering projects usually have complex requirements and keeping this key understanding in mind underscores the approach to our service offering. We can determine the technical and business issues to develop a range of options for clients. Options that meet the challenges of environmental sustainability and can achieve genuine economic value in a fast, reliable package.


Our Structural Engineering offer is designed to bring full value of our end-to-end engineering services to projects, small and large.

With dedicated teams for Residential, Medium Density, and Commercial/Industrial developments, we understand what our clients value and deliver accordingly.

Building Services

Intrax Building Services features a team of experienced engineers offering innovative design, excellent service and quality documentation.

The diverse nature of developments undertaken by building services, which include commercial, industrial, residential and institutional developments, have demonstrated the flexibility and professional competence able to be achieved by our staff.