Tiny Homes Project, Gosford

Tiny Homes Pilot Project to House Homeless

Amidst the tiny homes trend making its way through the US, and gathering appeal in Australia, Intrax (formerly CBH Surveyors) has had the opportunity to be involved with a tiny homes project right here on the Central Coast of NSW. The Tiny Homes Foundation hopes to assist the Central Coast’s homeless in finding affordable accommodation for a new start in life.

The Tiny Homes Foundation reached out to local businesses and organisations to get the project off the ground, and CBH had the privilege of surveying the land, for which local council has provided a two-year lease and approved the development. Adjacent to Gosford Hospital and close to the railway station, the approved proposal consists of four 14sqm dwellings, each with a kitchen, bathroom, living/sleeping area, small deck. As communal space will be a common laundry and lounge/meeting room. The remaining outdoor common space in the plan is for landscaping and vegetable garden. The dwellings, which can each be built for less than $30 000, are designed by NBRSArchitecture to be environmentally and economically sustainable include rainwater tanks, solar panels, and composting toilets.

Take a walk through:

Project Details
  • Categories



    Gosford, New South Wales, Australia


    Tiny Homes Foundation (pro bono)

  • Site Area

    930 m²

  • Estimated Cost

    $<30,000 per dwelling

  • Status

    In Progress

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