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Five Lot Commercial Strata Subdivision

Intrax Services:

Detail survey for architectural design and development application, 5 lot strata subdivision, PCA survey for lease purposes.

Intrax (as CBH) were engaged to undertake a detail survey after the original building on the site was burnt down. Survey would ultimately accompany a development application for a new two storey commercial building.

Prior to construction and after the remains of the original building were removed CBH were required to verify critical setbacks from adjoining buildings, previously inaccessible.

Upon completion of construction an identification and as-built survey was carried out on the building and carpark works to demonstrate structures were within property boundaries and clear of any easements.

Ultimately, a five lot strata plan, and associated documentation was prepared before being lodged and registered with Land & Property Information.

Part lots were required to be created for specifically allocated car-parking.

Property Council of Australia (PCA) measurements were taken in addition to strata measurements for individual tenancies within each strata lot for leasing purposes.

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    Erina, New South Wales, Australia

  • Site Area

    1002 m²

  • Estimated Cost

    $2 million

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