Civil Engineering

Hillbank Project South Australia
Credit: Intrax Consulting Engineers

Civil Engineering

Intrax Civil is responsible for a wide range of projects right across Australia’s cities and regional centres

Civil engineering projects usually have complex requirements and keeping this key understanding in mind underscores the approach to our service offering. We can determine the technical and business issues to develop a range of options for clients. Options that meet the challenges of environmental sustainability and can achieve genuine economic value in a fast, reliable package.

  • Feasibility Assessments & Site Investigations
  • Comprehensive Design and Documentation
  • Drainage Design for Building Subdivisions
  • On-Site Detention and Water Sensitive Urban Design
  • Stormwater Pump Systems
  • Retaining Walls
  • Project Management and Construction Supervision
  • Land Subdivision, Residential and Commercial

Intrax’s end-to-end service offering means that, as well as satisfying all your engineering needs, we can provide estimates of construction costs and development fees payable to councils, statutory authorities, contractors and consultants.

With the capability and expertise to coordinate the design and construction of all major utility requirements (usually power and telecommunications) for major subdivisions, extensive project experience then enables us to advise clients on contractor capabilities and selection appropriate to the size and complexity of the project.