Flockmill, Brunswick VIC

Intrax is proud to be partnering with Roth Developments and GM Project Management to bring you Flockmill.

Flockmill comprises of a brilliant collection of 58, two and three storey terrace homes combined. Thoughtfully designed around a leafy communal precinct, Central Park, the development is nestled in a neighborhood suffused with a strong local identity. Located in the heart of Brunswick, and just a stone’s throw from Melbourne CBD the development embraces the true charm of the area’s industrial and artisan heritage, with a contemporary twist.

With Stage 1 complete, and Stage 2 & 3 well underway, Intrax Surveying Victoria proudly delivered the following Surveying Services:

  • Subdivision
  • Setout
  • Lease Plan
  • Survey
  • Title Re- Establishment

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Stage 1 Drone flyover, mid-March 2021. Source: ROTH Developments

Project Details

    No. 31-37, Stewart Street, Brunswick, Vic, 3056


    GM Project Management


    C&K Architecture


    Saw Constructions


    Roth Developments

  • Status

    In Progress