Residential – Medium Density

Ivanhoe Pde
Credit: Better Living Group

Residential – Medium Density

Our team excel in optimising design solutions to reduce cost and achieve the best outcome for our clients

Sharing similarities with our volume housing offering, we recognise that speed and cost remain as key factors in medium density developments, but with added importance given to innovation and the ability to optimise the design for the specific site.

Focus on Optimal Design

Achieving best construction cost whilst maintaining the original designer’s vision is a core focus for our Medium Density team. To achieve this, we rely on close cooperation between our Structural and Geotechnical teams as the key to achieving fully optimal designs. With this team approach, we pride ourselves on consistently being able to find innovative and cost effective solutions for sites. For example, applying a detailed understanding of the relationship of controlled fill and footing systems, and investigating inventive bracing solutions that utilise the timber structure framework to achieve required bracing resistance without the addition of steel framing elements.

Balanced Timeframes

A core challenge in Medium Density developments is achieving the best balance of client requirements for speed versus the need for reduced construction cost and end product aesthetic. Our team are supported by well developed quality processes and systems to ensure that unproductive functions are removed from each project, ensuring that all productive time is put towards critical analysis and design.

Timeframes in Medium Density developments can be uncertain and these processes ensure that when our clients need us to perform quickly, we can meet their requirement and still deliver the same level of quality and innovation each project deserves.