Volume & Project Housing

Residence in Vincentia, NSW

Volume & Project Housing

We work with Australia's best home builders, small and large, to produce outstanding design solutions that are specific and optimal for each site

Our clients pride themselves on crafting quality homes that will stand the test of time, and their continued growth and success is evidence they can deliver on this vision. They realise this by meeting and exceeding commitments for quality, turnaround times, site costing, design flexibility, and innovation. Intrax base our success on providing clients with the support required to meet these goals.

A True End-To-End Service

Intrax specialise in working with our clients to fully realise their vision for each home and consistently innovate to improve competitiveness. We achieve this by providing a true end-to-end, one stop shop for all services required in the process of sales and construction of a dwelling. This includes: property services information (PSI), energy rating, surveying, geotechnical, and structural engineering. We can provide the entire package of engineering and administrative services from the beginnings with a prospective client, through to construction, as well as provide rapid response turnaround for queries during construction, and additional post construction services. Effective bundling of these services allows us to offer a lower total cost to our clients, and achieve better results by having a single internal view of the whole project.

We Understand Your Market

We understand that fast turnaround is a key driver for market success in this segment, and so we have innovated to offer industry leading turnaround times on all of our services. The key distinction with our offering is our ability to deliver these services quickly and economically without sacrificing quality, innovation, or engineering competence. Our continuous investment in technology, training, and quality systems means we can support these commitments while taking the time to achieve an optimal design for each project relative to its individual merits.

Personal Relationships

Our unique account management structure is something our clients love and a key factor in our successful growth. Clients can trust that when situations arise that need special attention, they can get it. There is a direct point of contact who ensures issues are dealt with immediately, not put through an endless ring. Our account managers ensure all ideas and innovations are shared between all parties, internally and externally. Our online portal offers live project tracking, as well as complete transparency in reporting on our delivery performance. These structures and tools allow us to improve our businesses together and produce better overall outcomes.

Performance Through Innovation

Our mindset and the desire of our clients to always improve allows us to dedicate R&D teams to producing new and more efficient methods of design, investigating new building concepts, and critiquing and optimising our clients’ and our own processes; as well as offering ‘Masters’ design services where standard house and facade types are subjected to rigorous debate and analysis to ensure fully optimal, buildable, and cost effective solutions. Our commitment to innovation extends beyond our R&D teams however, including paid internal and external training for staff, and research partnerships with academic bodies in areas that will actively add value for our clients. Clients can rest assured that we take every step to being the best we can be today, and well into the future.