Land Development


Land Development

Offering a full suite of Geotechnical, Surveying, Civil, and Electrical services, we partner with developers and urban planners on sites across Australia

Building on the longstanding expertise of our South Australian office, Land Development is an area that we are actively growing in all Intrax state locations. Having assembled team members with strong backgrounds in Geotechnical, Civil, and Surveying services required for Land Development, we exceed the industry norm for service and responsiveness in addition to providing the technical expertise our clients expect.

Committed to Better Communication

We understand that in this market, effective communication and pro-activeness on the part of the engineer are an extremely important factor in project success and timeliness. By collaborating between parties and proactively tackling project milestones, we aim to keep clients fully informed of what is occurring on a project and ensure that at all possible times the project timeframes are respected.

Full Service Range

We are able to offer a full suite of Geotechnical, Surveying, Civil, and Electrical services for Land Development projects. Our teams have extensive and comprehensive industry experience designing and surveying for roads, drains, sewer reticulation, water supply, and communications and data infrastructure. We work together with our Geotechnical team to assess soil parameters for efficient road design, identify potential construction difficulties in areas such as sewerage, and to quality control earthworks such as cut and fill. Working in close partnership with our Surveyors and performing services in house, our team have the capabilities to provide a full range of mapping, sub-divisional, and asset locating services.

Ultimately, our many disciplines are integrated into one team, with one point of contact that our clients can deal with confidence for their entire project, and trust to deliver to their needs.