Innovative and comprehensive approaches to residential projects, geared towards the direct creation of value for clients

True Consulting Solutions for Australia’s Unique Residential Evolution

The team at Intrax place a high value on insight and understanding. We work directly with all relevant parties within the project to achieve and realise the stakeholders’ vision.

From providing design services for small apartment buildings to conducting complex geotechnical and engineering projects across a diverse range of buildings, we have proved adept at achieving the right result across the entire lifetime of the building.

Providing a Reliable Partner

This focus on understanding as part of a residential design and building project makes us the perfect partner for achieving your aims.

We work with developers, architects, property managers, professional builders, and councils and regulatory bodies. We are committed to securing the right outcomes for all.

Full Service End-to-End Solutions for the Residential Market

The structure of Intrax is constituted of a broad range of different teams from different disciplines. These teams are able to come together in a coordinated and harmonious manner to achieve true end-to-end residential building, design, and project management solutions for our clients.

Reduced cost, high efficiency, a surpassing of expectations, and the realisation of a vision through economical and innovative solutions. This is what Intrax provide to clients, alongside a full suite of engineering, planning, management and design services.