Why Intrax love VU Graduates


As an employer in the industry, we at Intrax Consulting Engineering see VU as providing students with, obviously an education, but more importantly, the confidence to take on real life jobs much quicker than comparative tertiary institutions. So, we do everything, from geotechnical engineering, right through to surveyingcivil engineeringstructural engineering, of course. So, our clients are able to come to us, and at one organisation, are able to obtain all of their engineering services for their projects. Intrax has quite a few VU alumni. Besides the three directors, we probably have something like 11 or 12 other VU students working in various parts of the organisation. Intrax favours VU students because we find that they graduate with a real practical knowledge of engineering and are able to apply it to real life situations very quickly.

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26 February 2019


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