UTS Twisted Tower redevelopment – Finished

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has opened a curvaceous companion to its landmark brutalist tower in the centre of Sydney. Intrax Projects was its Building services consultant.

The 17-storey building was designed by FJMT and Intrax Projects as Consulting Engineers or Building Services. The UTS Central building features a twisting form, with 17 levels contained within an effective height of 14 storeys, including a five-storey podium and two underground floors.

UTS Central will become home to many facilities, including the UTS Reading Room, the Blake Library, a “superlab,” and a food court facing Alumni Green. It will also suit the UTS Faculty of Law from 2020. The building highlights several education spaces and three “collaborative classrooms,” which can host up to 350 seats or divide its wall into smaller zones. The new building avoids “traditional” lecture theatres.

The building owns a number of sustainability peculiarities, including a scheme to recycle water from the One Central Park complex for use in bathroom flushing and landscape irrigation.

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19 August 2019