Insights - New Client: King Ruby Homes


New Client: King Ruby Homes


Melbourne, Victoria: November 20, 2016 Intrax Consulting Engineers announce that has started working with King Ruby Homes as their engineering consultants for their residential dwellings.


One of Intrax strengths is to be able to provide services all across Victoria as well as other states, because of nature of clients of King Ruby Homes, they deliver custom homes in different regions of Victoria, Intrax Geotechnical, Surveying and Asset Recording services fit perfectly their needs.
Intrax will be providing also Engineering Services for their Dwellings


About King Ruby Homes: “Established in Melbourne in 2010, King Ruby Homes is a boutique family owned residential builder, with an established reputation for taking a customized approach to each home they build, and a genuine commitment to the delivery of quality outcomes for their customers”
“King Ruby Homes specialize in the delivery of individual homes and townhouses with the credentials of a registered Master Builder and trusted supplier networks, they have the capability to provide high quality, competitively priced homes, and the con idence of a timely build.”

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