Intrax supports local software innovation – ClearCalcs

Intrax are proud to announce our ongoing support of online structural engineering software

Designed locally in Melbourne, the creators of ClearCalcs have worked closely with the Intrax team to understand what our engineers need to work quickly and efficiently. The result is an easy to use online software that allows Intrax engineers to work flexibly at work or at home on a device of their choosing as they design a wide range of timber, steel, concrete, and more.

We’re proud to be supporting home grown software, and believe it demonstrates our commitment to our values of Leadership, Innovation, and Performance by keeping us on the leading edge of engineering technology, exposing our staff to new ways of thinking, and ensuring our clients are first to benefit from these innovations.

The Intrax team are excited to announce upcoming collaborations with the ClearCalcs team that we believe will further raise the bar for effective and efficient end-to-end engineering.

Visit to find out more, or watch their short explainer video below.

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23 February 2019