Insights - Corporate Games Success!


Corporate Games Success!

Intrax had another successful year of involvement in the Australian Corporate Games
Intrax 'Tigers' Cricket Team

Braving the biting Sunday sun, the Intrax cricket team returned to this year’s corporate games on a mission to reproduce their 2013 form that saw them become the first Intrax team in finals.

On the back of solid teamwork in the field, and an inspired bowling over from Medium Density Manager Ross Stivala, the team managed to once again reach finals. Despite being eliminated in their first finals match, the team left the field winners in their own minds, if not in any official scorebooks.

Intrax 'Shear Force' Netball Team

Comprising of a mixed group of experienced and beginner players, the Intrax Netball team immediately bonded and worked well together to produce two wins and a loss. Unfortunately not enough to achieve a finals berth but a fun outing for all with some very satisfying results.

Intrax Touch Rugby Team

Under the staid guidance of team captain and Residential Engineer Renan Yaakoob, the touch rugby team showed extreme dedication in gruelling after work fitness and skills sessions for a full six weeks before corporate games.

Their hard work was well rewarded with convincing wins in their first three games resulting in an afternoon finals appearance.

Intrax Soccer Team

Intrax fielded a multicultural mix of players to compete in “the world’s game”. With strong individual and team performances from all players, the team scaled an entire emotional rollercoaster with a loss, a draw, and a win.

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