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Corplex – Client Profile


Intrax Consulting Engineers is proud to be the preference choice of Corplex.

Company Profile:

Corplex Pty Ltd is a growing and dynamic privately owned construction company that was founded in 1990.

Since inception, Corplex has gained a broad base of experience in all types of building construction, involving a wide and varied client base in government, commercial, industrial and residential markets.

Corplex manage an array of projects with a portfolio throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland that ranges from offices, warehouses, factories, retail facilities, schools, universities, community centres health care facilities and service stations.

“Our aim is to be a premium supplier of cost effective and timely construction solutions for our clients, based on an industry best practice and continuous process improvement.”  Corplex


Intrax is proud of aligning its values to help Corplex deliver a cost-effective and innovative solutions to its customers.

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