Residential – High Density-old

Mosaic Apartments by Burbank
Credit: Intrax Consulting Engineers

Residential – High Density-old

Intrax is dedicated to providing professional, high quality, engineering design services for High Density Housing.

Intrax delivers value for our clients with outstanding performance and timeliness that is backed up by an ISO9001 quality accreditation. Intrax is committed to ensuring that optimised design efficiency is embedded into every project we are engaged in, in order to deliver our clients the optimum outcomes.

High Density Apartments

Working with developers, professional builders, and architects requires Intrax to produce an exceptional level of efficiency and economical design. Intrax has been working with clients like Burbank to create innovative designs at the forefront of modern apartment living. To create Dandenong South’s Mosaic Apartments and Commercial Complex, Intrax employed a full suite of engineering services. These included Building Services (Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulics), Civil, Structural, and Geotechnical engineering disciplines to deliver an efficient design and a highly successful project for Burbank.


Proven Record

We understand our clients’ need for timely service and superior engineering design solutions. As a result Intrax provides a true end-to-end engineering service that enables us to not only offer our clients design innovation and optimisation, but also the ability to coordinate all the engineering disciplines for a project, that further reduces work time . This results in design performance across all engineering services that lower construction costs while maintaining the original vision of the designer. This wide perspective allows us to perform to every clients’ individual time-frame and design specifications. Our Project Managers oversee jobs, handle requests and ensure our client’s needs are being met, and are available throughout the projects to solve any issues which may arise.