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Rumbalara Elderly Care Facility
Credit: Intrax Consulting Engineers

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A catered service with a focus on quality assurance, and clear documentation and processes

Intrax work with government and institutional bodies across Australia to offer our end-to-end engineering services on a wide variety of structural, road, subdivision, and asset locating work.

Our focus in this market is on offering a complete engineering package with a high level of competency. Many of our engineers and leaders come from backgrounds dealing with high level geotechnical assessments, civil pavement, sewerage, drainage, and road infrastructure, as well as surveying and asset recording services. We have achieved the ISO9001 Accreditation, reinforcing our quality management systems.

Cost Effective Services

With experience on government projects across all of our engineering disciplines, our engineers understand the importance for rigorous attention to project costing and timeline management. Our ability to offer an entire suite of services in house is a key factor in our ability to meet these requirements. Internal team coordination ensures each engineering discipline can have its say on each element of a project to determine the optimal set of recommendations to most effectively use the budget for a project.

On Time, Within Budget

Project budgets require that spending is constrained and kept to within economical levels. Having experience with these projects and understanding them holistically allows our engineers to determine which areas will provide the greatest return for effort, and execute accordingly. We have found that careful attention and constructive critique of project requirements before commencement avoids wasted effort and produces a more economical result.

Green Structures

Government projects are typically leaders in green environmental design, a key area of strength for our building services and structural teams whose expertise in this area has been responsible for a strong and growing pipeline of structures focused on these features.